Beegees 1 (Return)

1. Most popular pinup of all time.
2. 1st Priemier of Israel.
3. Where is this statue?
4. The oleoresin from an Asian evergreen used as healing ointment.
5. Tundra in Northern Canada where nothing grows.
6. Place for the culture, study, and exhibition of special plants.
7. A board game played with dice and counters in which players try to be the first to gather their pieces into one corner and then systematically remove them from the board.
8. French bread.
9. Magister Ludi.
10. Beach house.

11. Shoe.
12. Empty boasting.
13. MS man.
14. Televangelist and air guitar player.
15. Sofian.
16. Aussie Singers
17. London Neighborhood

18. The propertied class.
19. Cincinnati player.
20. Andy Williams dance.