Don't Dream it. Climb It-1 (Return)

1. To whom did Jonathan Tasini lose the Democratic party`s nomination for senator?
2. Celebrated gravesite in the Old West.
3. What battle in the Spanish American war was won by an American president?
4. Korean war battlesite and movie about it starring Gregory Peck.
5. Extremely small mountain, writ large.
6. Hieress and hotel chain.
7. American revolution battle in Charlestown.
8. IWW member and Wobblie.
9. PR firm.
10. Publisher.

11. Where the Fat Man found his thrill.
12. NYC hospital.
13. Philadelphia suburb in New Jersey.
14. Home of #3.
15. Fox cartoon show.
16. British comedian.
17. American race car driver.
18. Appalachian.
19. San Francisco neighborhood.
20. Philadelphia neighborhood.