Heavy Metal (Return)

1. Movie about a bunch of women friends; extremely durable artificial flowers.
2. According to Ann Richards, what did George Bush have in his mouth when he was born?
3. Rock and roll group named after a lepidopterium that won't fly.
4. Chuzpah.
5. TV show about old ladies.
6. First novel by Aldous Huxley about the search for enlightenment.
7. London and sometime New York theater.
8. Beggar's cup material.
9. Light bulb filament material.
10. Rock and roll group named after a balloon that won't fly.

11. Superman's home planet.
12. Award first given in 1976 to #3 for a song with incomprehensible lyrics.
13. Lecturn (podium--just kidding).
14. Plugged coin of little or no value.
15. Fake diamond material.
16. Slang for policeman.
17. Washington's football team (Denzel, not George), remember them?
18. What Mme Curie gave Einstein, according to Mel Brooks.
19. Italian Mannerist painter from Florence.
20. Mickey's dog.