Injuns! (Return)

1. US moviestar helicopter.
2. Ferdinand.
3. Equine spongiform encephalopathy.
4. Joe Namath`s problem.
5. Ballerina.
6. Princess for all seasons.
7. A storm streaked his makeup. One of the victors at the Battle of Little Big Horn.
8. GM subsidiary.
9. Lost to William Henry Harrison, but gave his name to Sherman.
10. War cry.

11. Giant redwood.
12. When King Gustav called him the greatest athlete of all time, he responded, "Thanks, King."
13. Disgraced University of Colorado professor.
14. The Last of the Mohicans.
15. "Ah... Juicy Fruit."
16. Rebecca Rolfe.
17. Founder of the Iroquois Confederacy, born by the shores of Gitche Gumee.
18. "Vengence is mine, " saith the Mexican.
19. Tonto actor.
20. Aztec feathered serpent.