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All clues fall into categories, but unlike other quiz games like Trivial Pursuit or Jeopardy, the category is part of the question. This makes the quiz more complex, but the questions themselves easier.

The category is a both a hint and a limitation. It is a hint in that it narrows the field considerably. For example, in Rock and Roll Football, the answers are all NFL team names. The questions all involve identifying rock and roll songs. Neither one by itself is difficult, but putting them together requires knowledge in both areas.

Another category's set of answers all begin with Al. This means that the question, "Who was a Catholic candidate for President of the US" requires the answer, "Al Smith," even though John Kennedy is a correct answer to the specific question.

Sometimes the category is explicitly mentioned; sometimes it's up to you to figure it out. Write your answers down; otherwise you won't see the pattern.

The connections can be very complex, and very subtle. In the category Antonyms, one word in the title of the first song is the antonym of a word in the second. For example, the first answer is White Christmas, and the second is Black Sabbath. In addition, there is a hint (which we will not give here) that ties the songs together.

In the category Musical Connections, the first answer is a singer, group or composer and the second connects to the first through the last name of the first and the first name of the second. Thus, if the first clue is Big Brother soloist, and the second clue is Jasper County town, the answer is Janis Joplin Missouri.

You will get the theme after you have gotten some answers, and then that will help you get more answers. Everything will fall into place. In this example, identify all the pictures. "George Bush" is not the correct answer for the guy at the top.

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