Inventions 2 (Return)

Name the invention:

1. The Dewar flask, or vacuum bottle, is a container for storing hot or cold substances, eg. liquid air. It consists of two flasks, one inside the other, separated by a vacuum.

2. Captain Hanson Crockett Gregory invented fried pastry in a torus shape.

3. Ray Tomlinson was experimenting with a program he wrote that ARPANET programmers were using on network computers to leave messages for each other. You could only leave messages on the computer that you were using for other persons using that computer. Tomlinson used a file transfer protocol that could send electronic messages to any computer on the ARPANET network.

The first message was sent between two computers using the ARPANET to connect them. The first message was "QWERTYUIOP."

4. The first message for this communication invention was, "Mr. Watson--come here--I want to see you."

5. The first message for this communication invention was, "What hath God wrought?"

6. The first audio message (by Canadian engineer, Reginald Fessenden) included Gounod's "O, Holy Night," a reading of the Christmas story from the book of Luke and Handel's "Largo."

7. Theatrical productions whose early examples include The Miller and the Sweep (1897), The Sneeze (1894), The Kiss (1896), and Blacksmiths (1893).

8. This identification technique dates from 1800, but was considered "scientific" in 1880, when the British scientific journal Nature published letters by the Englishmen Henry Faulds and William James Herschel describing its uniqueness and permanence. Pudd'Nhead Wilson, by Mark Twain makes use of it.