Don't make me say it again! (Return)

1. 1965 Movie with Jerry Lewis and Tony Curtis where Tony Curtis has a girl in every port.
2 . Up the river joint.
3 . Tahitian getaway.
4 . WBA lightweight champion who decked Duk Koo Kim in the 14th in their championship fight. Kim died 5 days later, causing the WBA to change the length of a fight from 15 to 12 rounds.
5. Glossina insect that carries trypanosomes.
6. English language Nazi radio propagandist, hung for treason.
7. First Panda whose daddy was a syringe.
8. Crosshatched bullet.
9. Black Forest Resort.
10. Offenbach dance.

11. Liquorish breath mints.
12. Type of drum.
13. City in Washington.
14. Nickname for Los Angeles meaning crazy place.
15. Cheerleader's accessory.
16. Anti-aircraft gun.
17. Last two words of Ronnie's song title.
18. Capital of American Samoa.
19. What Captain Renault was when he discovered gambling in Rick's.
20. What she got when her daddy took the T Bird away.