Shakespeare 2 (Return)

What is the common expression for:

1. Unintelligible or in a foreign language.
2. A preordained result.
3. A massive and often mystical alteration in society.
4. Jealousy ogre with a rare eye color.
5. A pursuit of something that is unlikely to be caught; in particular, an untamed fowl.
6. Why you are unable to perceive the flaws in the object of your affection.
7. Really, really dead; as much as a piece of hardware
8. Laughing uproariously to the point where you might cause bodily harm.
9. A meal Zeus might eat.
10. In my imagination.

Upon what play(s) were the following based:

11 . Akira Kurosawa's Ran.
12 . 10 Things I Hate About You, Kiss Me Kate.
13 . Scotland PA and Throne of Blood.
14 . West Side Story.
15 . She's the Man.
16 . My Own Private Idaho.
17. What is the old saw that says, in effect, Just because it`s shiny doesn`t mean it`s valuable?
18. What brand of shirt is this?
19. What was the 1984 movie starring Charles Bronson about a professional killer who comes out of retirement to investigate and avenge the brutal murder of an old friend by an evil "doctor"?
20 . What did Sam Spade (Humphrey Bogart) called the fake Maltese Falcon?