Sons of the Desert (Return)

Identify each son

1.Sam, of ABC and New Mexico.
2. Irish whiskey.
3. Sci-Fi's Harlan.
4. Leif.
5. First woman columnist at TIME magazine.
6. 20's Andy.
7. POTUS 17 and 34.
8. Bible strongman.
9. Robert of Treasure Island.
10. English actor, Nicole.

11. Lightspeed Morley's partner.
12. Coffee maker Joe.
13. Hog company.
14. Han Solo actor.
15. Cop who prevented killer Tom Dooley from escaping to Tennessee.
16. Business school in Wellesley, Mass.
17. Christian preacher Pat.
18. Laci's killer husband.
19. New Mexico's Bill.
20. CEO of CNN and the Managing Editor of TIME. Author of Einstein: His Life and Universe.

21. Research university located in South Carolina.
22. American economist, recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics in 1970.
23. Danish storyteller.
24. British sailor, died and memorialized in Trafalgar.
25. TV media research company.
26. Hillary aide, Howard.
27. Brooklyn Dodger and Crusoe hero.
28. Ms Zaharias.
29. Bailout man.