Trains, Planes and Automobiles (Return)


Trains: Identify the name of the song from the music.
Planes: Identify the name of the airplane from the picture.
Automobiles: Identify the brand of the car by the picture or the song. GM, Ford Corp and Chrysler are NOT brands. Ford (by itself) is, and Oldsmobile is. Dodge would be the correct answer for a picture of a Viper. Oldsmobile would be the correct answer for a Cutllas. Mercury would be correct for a Mariner, and so on.

GTO (which is one of the pictures) is not the correct answer. Neither is GM. The answer lies somewhere inbetween.

No European or Japanese carts are used because none of them is worthy of a song, and also because they have two layers (Toyota Camry) rather than three (GM Buick '59).

No cars were wrecked in the making of this quiz......