Huey Lewis Band (Return)

Identify the Huey Lewis band by the following clues:

1. South Pacific Island nation named after the section of Denmark that contains Copenhagen.
2. Gotham.
3. Town in Rhode Island where JFK got married.
4. Just-born calf.
5. Where Maury's is.
6. Old name for #2.
7. Italian baby.
8. Recently discovered province in eastern Canada.
9. Remake of first computer generated animation film; uncharged subatomic particle.
10. Upper class Chicago suburb.

11. Lower class Brooklyn neighborhood.
12. Westchester town named after French resort city on the Atlantic.
13. Katz's branch in India.
14. No coal required.
15. Author of Prancipia Mathematica.
16. Named after a resort in England, birthplace of Charles Dickens.
17. Florida resort named after an ancient city in Izmir in Turkey located at a point on the Aegean coast of Anatolia.
18. Seemingly unstoppable horde defeated by giants and sent back to deserved obscurity.
19. South Pacific archipelago named after Scotland.
20. Armstrong's favorite city named after the duchy where Louis VI Le Gros (fat Louie) was consecrated