Connections 2 (Return)

Click the item and identify the singer, group or composer. This is the first part of the answer. The second part is the person, place or thing that connects to the first answer in the pattern 1:2:2:3. For linked items, the music is the first answer; the picture is the second.

1. Warhol actress-Walk on the Wild Side.
2. Atlantic flier.
3. Black conservative talk show host accused of payola.
4. Mel Brooks.
5. He ate 24 Oysters at one sitting.
6. Cowboy actor.
7. 15 men stand on it.
8 . Radio comedy writer ("Top of my Head.")
9. QWERTY alternative.
10. Short street in New York's theater district.

11. Gourmet kitchen gadget store.
12. Cold war German rescue mission.
13. Picture.
14. Museum of Natural History adjunct.
15. Expensive glassware.
16. Dracula`s creator.
17. Guys and Dolls character.
18. Butter from Minnesota
19. Don Giovanni/Water source that flows to the surface by its own internal pressure.
20. Picture.