Ethnic Slurs 1 (Return)

1. A system of cardinal and ordinal symbols where each column represents a higher power of the base.
2. EU pancakes, usually served with creme chantilly.
3. Knee-length pants.
4. Insane South American.
5. Excessively complex, especially involving intrigue.
6. Italian baby.
7. Grab his crotch, eh?
8. Total confusion, everybody running around every which way.
9. John Huang.
10. Rum and Coke.

11. Sweet roll.
12. Split the check.
13. Thomas' Anglo bread product, usually toasted.
14. Aleutian dropping, ice cream pop.
15. Sarcophilus harrisii.
16. Hellenic door opener.
17. Cheat.
18. Magyar stew.
19. Hot autumn.
20. Red dog known to be affectionate but stupid.