Ethnic Slurs 2 (Return)

1. Croatian beach.
2. A dangerous version of Rouge et Noir.
3. A funny story by Lenny Bruce.
4. Adolescents' aphrodisiac.
5. Candy from the Bosphoris.
6. Very hot British spice.
7. Shade made of wood slats.
8. British hare dish made entirely of cheese.
9. Rubella.
10. Difference betweeen Sunis and Shites in Iran.

11. Disputed item in Florida in 2000 and African lynching.
12. Elastic negotiable instrument from a middle European country.
13. Domesticated bird of prey, a statue of which was much sought by Humphrey Bogart, Sidney Gtreenstreet and Peter Lorre.
14. Small spheres of ground beef in gravy.
15. Chang and Eng.
16. Canberra baby walk.
17. Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein's hopes for universal health care.
18. Oriental paper light fixture.
19. Chinese warrior in full battle gear.
20. Egg-battered fried bread.