Ethnic Slurs 3 (Return)

1. Language used to build websites.
2. Peruvian legume.
3. Crumbling spans over the Thames.
4. Small citrus fruit, usually canned in sweet syrup.
5. Down's Syndrome sufferer.
6. Sophie Portnoy.
7. Beatles Song.
8. Two guys with guns facing eachother.
9. Carludovica palmata.
10. Fake gift full of danger.

11. Mrs Stone's holiday in movies.
12. Heiress, model, presidential candidate and hotel in France.
13. Austrian dance.
14. Psychological disorder where the captive comes to love his captor.
15. Japanese seductress during WW2.
16. Helianthus tuberosus (sunroot, sunchoke or topinambur).
17. Picture.
18. Unbridgeable gap between Sunis and Shiites in Iran.
19. Zaire.
20. Warsaw humor.