Ethnic Slurs 4 (Return)

1. 1969 caper movie and 2003 remake about a robbery caused by an artificial trafficjam in Turin (1969) and Los Angeles (2003).
2. Mamet detainee scam movie.
3. Belgian baby cabbage.
4. Chinese pervert who watches people.
5. Old fashioned paving for streets in Afghanistan.
6 . Recently opened restaurant in India specializing in appetizers.
7. The best smoke; illegal in the US.
8. Bird that Ben Franklin preferred over the bald eagle, Mint Julep ingredient.
9. Dark continent homosexual, Bogart/Hepburn movie.
10. Fiennes' oscar-winning hospital resident.

11. John Fowles' Gallic officer`s girlfriend.
12. Raymond Shaw
13. John Voigt's Nazi list
14. Connery, Pfeiffer spy residence.