Oddballs (Return)

1. In what year did Columbus sail for the new world?
2. What was first played in Wimbledon in 1835?
3. What was the sister ship to the Olympic?
4. Who said:

Shut yourself up in the main cabin in some large ship with some flies and a large fishbowl. Hang up a bottle that empties drop by drop into a vessel beneath it. With the ship standing still, observe carefully how the flies fly with equal speed to all sides of the cabin and the fish swim indifferently in all directions. The drips fall into the vessel beneath. Jumping with your feet together, you pass equal spaces in every direction. When you have observed all these things carefully, have the ship proceed with any speed you like, so long as the motion is uniform and not fluctuating this way and that. You will discover not the least change in all the effects named, nor could you tell from any of them whether the ship was moving or standing still.


5. In 1968, an Army major was assigned to investigate the My Lai massacre. He concluded that there was nothing to the allegations. Although his attempt at a coverup was not successful, his role in it was soon forgotten and did not impede his rise in the Army and subsequent civilian life. Who was he?

6. What senator voted against the confirmation of both black nominees to the Supreme Court?
7. How long did the hundred years war last?
8. Which country makes panama hats?
9. From which animal(s) do we get catgut?
10. During which month did the Soviets celebrate the October revolution?