Oddballs 2 (Return)

1. What animal supplies the fur in what we call a camel hair brush?
2. The canary islands are named for which animal?
3. What color is the blackbox in a commercial airplane?
4. What is the color of diamond dust?
5. The Romans brushed what part of their bodies with pulverized mouse and rabbit?
6. Who turned down lead in gunsmoke to avoid being stereotyped a cowboy?
7. What vegetable burns more calories than it provides?
8. In what state was the TV show Northern Exposure filmed? kw
9. What is the color of a polarbear's skin? kw
10. What is the domesticated version of the caribou called? kw

11. What is the easternmost state in the US? kw
12. In what state is the largest cattle ranch in the US? kw
13. From what country did the Pennsylvania Dutch emigrate?
14. What they shoot at a turkey shoot?
15. What was the first Maverick profession?
16. What is the New York City building that houses the personal memorabilia, posters and photographs of the late actress Fay Wray?
17. BP is a petroleum industry. The second word (the P) is Petroleum. What is the first word?
18. Between what two countries was the first successful Atlantic cable run?
19. What does the 47 stand for in AK-47?
20. What sport specifically excludes women?

kw: These questions were contributed by Karl Welm.