Oxymorons 1 (Return)

Each clue refers to an oxymoron. The answers are the oxymorons themselves. For example, I usually compete in the contest, but sometimes the bar owner asks me to run the show. That is, make up the questions and ask them (unlike Alex Trebeck, who just asks them). Thus I am the "guest host."

1. What do these men have in common?
Billy Conn, Bobby Czyz, Bob Foster, Dick Tiger, Slapsy Maxie Rosenbloom?
2. Song by the Capitols that contains the line, "Let me have some drums by himself there."
3. What`s all Ringo Starr have to do to get into the movies?
4. Iamb, trochee or dactyl; the fundamental building block of poetry.
5. Illegal toss of a football past the line of scrimmage.
6. Economic term for a statistic that predicts changes in future events, but itself occurs after the event.
7. Money to play sports in college.
8. Best selling truck from Chrysler.
9. Toothless House act.
10. Hotel and resort business.

11. Laid-off employees.
12. 50`s slang for a guy who hits on your girlfriend; Everly Brothers hit; pointer.
13. Yiddish slang for young man.
14. Stutz model
15. Brillo
16. Genre including Star Wars, Star Trek and The Twlight Zone.
17. Latest incarnation of first computer program developed at Dartmouth College.
18. Educated on your own.
19. Beavis' buddy.
20. Friday attire style.