Presidential Connections 1 (Return)

The first clue is linked to the second clue by the name of an American President.

For example, if Al Gore had won the 2000 election, the clue would be "Victoria's Husband, Waterproof fabric." The answer would be "Prince Albert Goretex."

Some of the questions consist of more than two parts. In all cases, the name of the President is included in the answer, but not the clue. If the above example included "southwestern cuisine," at the end, the answer would be Prince Albert Goretex-mex.

The links (underlined and in blue or red) are hints.

1. "Safety Last" commedian, Brit PM during WW 1, Sleepy Hollow legend author.
2. Principia author, Australian songbird, what men have and women don't, New York beggar, girl sharpshooter.
3. Airplane Directive, black conservative Supreme Court Justice, White Rabbit Group.
4. Screw turning writer, where Robert Kincaid and Francesca Johnson got it on, agricultural show.
5. Mork, pragmatic philosopher, no fishing on our side of the pond.
7. "Mary Poppins" actress, "Autumn Rhythm" painter.
9. Glassy playwrite, Tippecanoe, Han Solo, DC playhouse.
11. Famed outlaw killed by Bob Ford, cooked collard greens.
13. River of Doubt author, Bill Graham's rock and roll theater in San Francisco.
14. Mad Housewife actor, Electric kite flyer, James Bond actor.
16. Solieri actor, he saw the future and it worked.
17. 1992 hurricane that devistated south Florida, college of culinary arts.
18. Greek hero, American Gothic painter.
19. Miss Marple actress, Hollywood self-censorship.
20. Apocryphal New Testament book, Jon Arbuckle's pet, hunting and fishing magazine.