State Nicknames (Return)

The answer to each question contains the nickname of a state. Name the state.

1. How you are born.
2. TV show about three old ladies.
3. Mack Sennett comedy.
4. Where the first Tory Tony PM grew his flowers.
5. King Kong`s favorite hangout.
6. Neil Simon, Walter Matthau and George Burns.
7. Flatt & Scrugs.
8. Name of nightclub on lower 5th Ave with a gila monster on the roof. Site of debut of Kinky Freedman in New York.
9. Good vision; Mash doctor.
10. What the Enterprise explores in Star Trek 5.
11. Kitchen countertop material.
12. Some are made of steel, particularly if they are women.
13. Polaris.
14. Prunus persica.
15. John Grisham had a brief on this one.

The answer to these questions are the post office abbreviation for the state. Name the state.

16. Protactinium.
17. Mrs Kettle.
18. The selfish generation.
19. 2000 loser.
20. -47 gun.
21. Hello.
22. Sexual lubricant.
23. Exclamation of surprise.
24. Scene of famous gunfight.
25. Conjunction.
26. Freudian state.
27. Mrs John Dean.
28. A kind of computer fi.
29. Manganese.
30. Cobalt.
31. Lanthanum.
32. Calcium.
32. Mendelevian
33. Feminine Salutation