Homonyms 1 (Return)

1. Nazi architect's weapon of choice.
2. Lofty eagle's nest.
3. Batman actor Christian's stay-out-of-jail money.
4. Lennon's scarab.
5. Felt fabric, what a wolf does, Turkish officials (Karloff's Ardaf).
6. Rock group not allowed to play in Boston.
7. Shakespeare not allowed in Boston.
8. Sterile aristocrat.
9. Pyrenean sunbathes.
10. Boyfriend's primitive weapon.

11. Tree limbs' acknowledgement of applause.
12. Heirloom wheat and yeast product.
13. Johnny's money in a secret box.
14. Jewish singer's lope.
15. Waterproofing top horizontal wall of a room.
16. Sam Adams' initial tries.
17. Kellog's continuing story.
18. Burnt spinach.
19. Cold Patagonia.
20. Egyptian Christian plea barganed.