Homonyms 2 (Return)

1. Sexless geeks' operating system.
2. Schwartenegger's islamic advisor.
3. Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, the Bronx and Abe's underground house.
4. Preserve upper wall of Parthenon in ice.
5. Simmons of Kiss' pants.
6. Abdulla, William or Albert's inky fingertips.
7. Warsaw voting booths.
8. To what was Hamlet born? (correct one first).
9. Rutgers team underwear, according to Don Imus.
10. Wonder Woman's dangerous drug of choice.

11. Heff's colors.
12. Precious stone's energy measurement.
13. Mid ranked army officer's seed.
14. Low ranked sailor's seed.
15. Main rule.
16. Florida Freddie's Bible and ethics guide.
17. Devices to keep the smoked salmon secure.
18. Giant Willie's cornfeed.
19. Finely chopped Altoids.
20. Venison custard and hair gel.