Homonyms 4 (Return)

1. Picture , Korean city.
2. Amerinds go to court for small amount.
3. Obama's fabric and McCain's military strategy.
4. Package hip-hop album.
5. Yale rower's cranium.
6. Picture, what she could do through the bathroom window.
7. Obama's weatherman broadcasts his views.
8. Pyramid pharaoh's qualifications (originally musical).
9. Percussive brass disk and representation.
10. Any disease related to the lungs, and more than one.

11. Gifts existence.
12. Seventh sin opened with a crowbar.
13. Rosie O'Donnell's dam.
14. Eel's ethics.
15. Picture.
16. Ancient Greek big guy secures the screws.
17. Russian Charlotte pastry pulls a fast one.
18. Hardy's venerable plastic pearl.
19. Critique of Pure Reason, unable to, jargon.
20. Time past, second person possessive, second person contraction.